While Mr. Baird boasts a strong background in vocal performance, he is equally as dedicated to his work as an educator.

In May of 2021, Mr. Baird graduated from Lesley University's M.Ed. program with Initial Licensure in Middle School Humanities (5-8) with SEI Endorsement. He also is in the process of gaining full Licensure in Music (K-12). As part of his program, Mr. Baird has participated in Lesley's Teacher in Residency Program as an Associate Teacher at Belmont Day School, an independent PreK-8 school located in Belmont, MA. During his time at Belmont Day, Mr. Baird worked as a co-teacher in both 6th Grade Social Studies and 8th Grade English. His work has involved creating and teaching original lessons on the events of the Civil Rights Movement, Waking Up White by Debby Irving, "Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" by Peggy McIntosh, 57 Bus by Dashka Slater, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, discussions using the Harkness method, grammar practices, essay writing, MLA formatting, quote analysis, and vocabulary using the Wordly Wise curriculum. Mr. Baird also worked at Belmont Day School as a co-advisor for a small cohort of students, with whom he worked to develop social-emotional skills and metacognitive practices.

Mr. Baird's style of music education is grounded in his belief of music's unparalleled ability to unite groups of people. Through his instruction, Mr. Baird's goal in teaching music is to develop in students an innate appreciation for music, as wells as for the incredible feats that can be reached by working with others. His instructional methods stem primarily from the Kodály method, as Mr. Baird believes in the importance of learning music through the use of the fundamental instrument, the human voice. By building curriculum that incorporates singing solfege and using corresponding hand signals, sounding out rhythms, and developing tonal and rhythmic memory, Mr. Baird helps his students develop into well-rounded musicians who are enthusiastic and passionate about their craft.

Regardless of the content he is teaching, Mr. Baird believes that building a safe and supportive classroom community is essential to maximizing students' learning and development. His overall approach to education is student-centered, and it involves multi-cultural teaching and the incorporation of metacognitive skills into curriculum. Mr. Baird is always seeking out collaboration with his colleagues, and he truly enjoys learning from both his colleagues and students. 

Charlie, Fall 2020

Charlie teaching at Belmont Day School, Fall 2020